Futon chair bed

A futon chair bed is a comfortable piece of furniture which can be used by anyone.  Most of the people love having any such furniture which can be used for a comfortable seating at anytime of the day. If you do not have much space at home then these may be the perfect solution which can be used as both chair and a bed. Studio apartments are they perfect example of the kind of homes these chair beds are best suited for. They look good with almost all kinds of interiors.

When you go out to buy such furniture, make sure that it is comfortable and can function as a chair as well as a bed. Futon chair beds should have a very soft mattress along with a study frame. When you use a chair bed, it will be folded and unfolded many times during a day, a good futon mattress and cover will ensure that it is not worn out early by daily use.

There are many different kinds of futon chair beds available in the market so you can choose one easily but this may also confuse some of the buyers. Two main types of these beds can be a bi-fold frame bed, and a tri-fold frame bed.  A bi-fold frame folds in half and a tri fold frame divides the bed into 3 parts which can be folded up.  A bi-fold futon bed will have much softer mattress as they can be thicker as well.

Apart from the space constraints, if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to have a proper bed, a futon chair bed could be a good option.  The cost of these beds depends on the kind of frame and mattress you choose. Simple frames with standard pads are quite cheap and affordable. It is always good to have a furniture which can also serve as a bed when ever needed.


Foam chair bed

Foam chair bed is essentially a chair with a foam cushion which can be folded out as a bed when needed. Although anyone can use them, they are quite popular with kids.  It is a kind of multipurpose chair.  They are comfortable to sleep but you cannot replace them with a regular bed.  They can serve a lot of purposes when used as an extra bed.

For example, when you have sleep over nights for kids at your home, these beds can be really handy. Foam chair beds are very comfortable as seats as well. Kids can use them all day long as chairs and when they feel like lying down they can easily turn them into beds.

The best part of using such chair beds is that you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty because you can cover them with attractive colorful covers. A simple wash is good enough to clean these covers. These are also very good options for hostels may have limited space for each student.

You can find a good foam chair bed in almost every furniture retail shop, a lot of them are also available in online retail stores. They are quite cheap as compared to any other furniture which can be as useful, comfortable and user-friendly as these chair beds. They may not be the most comfortable bed or even the most comfortable chair but they are a simple and very practical piece of furniture which can be used by anybody. You can have one for each child at home. You can also find options between getting a single or double bed. This action depends on your preference, if you have enough space at home you can always go for a double bed.

Single chair bed

Single chair bed is a multipurpose piece of furniture which can be used as chair or as a bed for lying down. The single chair unfolds to become a comfortable bed whenever needed.  They can save you a lot of space at places where you don’t need bed most of the time or don’t have the space to put a bed.

There are different types of single chair beds available but the most common ones are metal framed mattresses or the foam mattresses. Design of these chair beds is very simple. You can fold or unfold the mattress on the chair according to your usage.

If you have kids at home, then single chair bed is a very good option for them especially the foam ones. They can be really useful when you have sleep over night of kids.  However they cannot replace the regular beds in terms of comfort.  This is the reason that you will find most of foam chair beds in kid’s rooms. They come in a lot of interesting shapes and beautiful designer covers.

If you want a single chair bed for adults, then the best choice would be the ones which have supported mattresses.  When you fold the mattress up, they can look like any other armchair. They generally have thinner mattresses but due to the extra support these chairs are very comfortable for sleeping.  This kind of furniture is especially useful and come in handy when you have guests in your home.

Apart from their functionality, they look very attractive as well. You can put a single chair bed in almost any room without any issues and it won’t look odd. Most of the furniture shops have these chair beds and you can easily find one for your home.